Sainte Anne Catholic Church and School in Saintard, Arcahaie

The parish of ST Anne in Saintard, Arcahaie, Haiti is located about 53 kilometers from Port-Au-Prince Capital of the Island country Haiti. The Parish covers about 220km2 and provide services to 38,000 residents. The parish of St. Anne has 7 boroughs, – Matheux, Pond Saintard, Willianson, Carries, Guiton, Saintard, Luly, and Mahotte.

The new church is 61 year old, but the parish itself has been established for more than a century. The St Anne of Saintard Parish is serving a population of very limited resources; the children are eager to learn, the adults are one of the most wonderful people, and we are growing a community spiritually by sharing to the most, whatever our blessings happened to be.

The school starts from Kindergarten to 8th grade. The precarious economic situation of the small farmers in the area preclude them to send their children to school to help them further their education no matter how talented they are. The clergy of the parish marshaled their meager resources at their disposal to create this school.

Our Lord Jesus multiply the bread and the fish exponentially, I’m calling on you to help reenact this miracle by your donations. We have several projects that you can help launch and we promise you your name will be written in the golden book of our revered Holy St. Anne.

  1. Help us with teachers salary by sponsoring a teacher, or a student.
  2. We need a library room
  3. A computer lab
  4. A dining room
  5. A printing, copy room
  6. A school bus to pick up the little children who walks kilometers to school
  7. A school restroom
  8. A water purifying system
  9. A movie, play or game room
  10. A reliable internet system
  11. An infirmary
  12. A teacher’s room
  13. Education and Play toys for the kids
  14. Sports equipment
  15. Musical instruments
  16. The School has a combines of 445 children.

You can contribute to assist us in any of our projects by pressing the Donate now button.

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